Under Steve's leadership Naperville has been recognized as one of the country's best and safest cities of its size and ranked in the top 25 on a list of best towns for small businesses.

Steve is well respected among his peers and community leaders. Please see below to read their endorsement of Steve's leadership and vision.

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“The Naperville Fraternal Order of Police is proud to again endorse Steve Chirico for another term as Mayor.  Over the course of his past/current term, Mayor Chirico has displayed a clear passion for protecting the residents of our city, and has worked well with our Officers on a variety of issues.  Moreover, Chirico has demonstrated his full support of the Naperville Police Department with respect to his and our mutual interest of providing great service, in every aspect, all the time.”

– Naperville Fraternal Order of Police


"Steve Chirico has proven himself to be an accountable leader and chief steward of Naperville’s financial resources during his first term as mayor. He is both a thoughtful and progressive thinker, with a dedication to public service. His approachable nature, along with his commitment to responsible development and to the residents and businesses of Naperville, has earned him the endorsement of the DuPage County Building Trades." 

– Joe Riley, President of the DuPage County Building Trades

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www.apnausa.org is proudly endorsing Steve Chirico for the Mayor of Naperville on the overwhelming recommendation of the Asian Americans of the town. Because of his immense community outreach efforts, Chirico has won the hearts of Shafeek Abooubaker, Krishna Bansal, Sami Siddiqi, Girish Kapur, Janet Yang Rohr, Madhu Uppal, Moin Haque, Saily Joshi and many more. 

"To what measure are we to use to judge those who would serve us in public office? I suggest that measures such as appropriate skills and proven experience are of substantial value, but are not determinative of themselves.  Good judgement and fine intellectual capacity are of considerable worth as critical measures, as well.   These are worthy measures, but, I suggest, only when found together with two other measures.  These measures, two sides of the same coin, are CHARACTER and INTEGRITY. These will ultimately determine if a public servant  will use their talents and capabilities dutifully in the best interests of the people they serve.  There is one other measure which is also critical, and that is COURAGE, the courage to live to their convictions and their promises.

It is in consideration of such measures that I conclude that Steve Chirico is most worthy and deserving of re-election to the position of Mayor of Naperville. Steve is a man singular sound character, great integrity and courage.  The time has not past when an appropriate test of a person is the worth of their handshake, and the lasting value of their promises!  Steve is an exceptional example of these qualities in his family and personal life, and his business life, as well as his time in public office.

Before one should follow any leader they must first trust them. That is an essential leadership quality.  Steve has great leadership and management skills, excellent professional experience, proven judgement and intellectual ability ... and he is a leader you can trust!"   

–  Walter E. Reilly. Retired Senior Officer, Elkay Corp.

“Steve is committed to finding real solutions. He looks to solve problems instead of talking about them. That’s what effective leaders do.”

– Scott Wehrli, Community Leader, NDP Executive Committee, Business Owner

“I support Steve Chirico because of his long standing commitment to the community, as a resident, a business owner and a public servant. Steve brings a great perspective to the process of leading Naperville.”

– Dan Casey, Owner of Casey’s Foods

"Three and a half short years after being elected Mayor of Naperville, Steve Chirico has shown he possesses all the attributes Naperville needs in the future. He has combined the integrity, personality and passion of a George Pradel, with the vision, leadership, and management skills necessary to navigate difficult issues. Steve is as authentic as he is approachable, and has been inclusive in his efforts to represent the city and find the best solutions. His business experience has enabled his approach of combining fiscal responsibility with the understanding of how to drive results within the confines of a budget and business plan. Having been a Councilman and now Mayor, Steve understands how Naperville works. As Mayor, he will continue to combine his vast experience, commitment and leadership skills to drive Naperville into a prosperous and successful future."

– Marc Blackman, Business owner and DuPage Children’s Museum Board Member

“Steve’s long standing commitment to the Naperville community, coupled with his business experience and leadership abilities, will make Steve an outstanding mayor. Steve has our wholehearted support.”

– Ron and Nancy Nyberg

“As a lifelong and proud resident of Naperville my strong belief and feelings are to have Steve Chirico run for and to become our next ‘elected mayor.’ I’ve known and watched Steve grow from his competitive high school wrestling days at Naperville Central to today’s successful local businessman, (family owned, managed and employing local Napervillians). Steve was raised and educated in Naperville. I’ve seen his pride in our town… It’s past rich heritage, our present great way of life and know he will always push to keep our future “The Best That We Can Be” for all who live here and all who visit.”

– Joe Modaff, born and raised on a farm in Naperville

“My wife and I first met and dealt with Steve Chirico 28 years ago when we built our first home in Naperville and purchased our flooring needs from Steve. His dealings with us were professional and timely. We have since started our third home and are using Steve’s business for the third time. He is an honest and reasonable businessman that you can trust time and time again. I firmly believe that Steve Chirico will serve our lovely town of Naperville both professionally and properly.”

– Tom Falcone, Business Leader

“First and foremost, Steve is a husband, father, granddad, brother and son who has exceptionally strong family values. He is loyal, honest, dependable, reliable, kind and honors his commitments. He brings these values to his role as Naperville’s Mayor and has proven to be a great leader. As a lifelong resident of Naperville, Steve invests in Naperville his time, energy and resources with a huge heart just like he does with his family. The combination of his dedication, commitment and loyalty to Naperville makes him the best candidate for our city’s Mayor. Thank you Mayor Chirico for all you do! We are proud to be part of your current campaign and to live in this wonderful city of Naperville.”

– Chuck and Laura Bokar, Naperville Business Owners

“I am pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Steve Chirico for Naperville Mayor. He provides excellent experience, leadership, and integrity.”

– Honorable Warren L. Dixon III, Naperville Township Chairman

“Steve’s business acumen is unmatched. He’s a great leader and an asset to our city.”

– Mike Healy, Past-President of the Naperville Jaycees

“Steve is a proven leader. Naperville will be in good hands with Steve Chirico as Mayor.”

– Gail Niermeyer, Local Realtor and Community Volunteer

“Over the 20+ years that I have known Steve, both as a friend and as a customer, I have found him to be level headed, a good listener, and a pleasure to work with.”

– Bruce Erickson, Community Leader

“Steve has done an excellent job on the Council. His business experience has been a tremendous asset in achieving governmental efficiencies and cost savings to the citizens of Naperville. That experience will lend itself well to the office of Mayor.”

– John Zediker, Metra Board

“I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. He is a strategic thinker and he has the ability to work through very complex matters and quickly drills down on solutions. This is a skill I do not see often, but is one that would serve him well as Mayor. He is a very kind, gracious and humble leader in our community.”

– Thomas Hayes, Business Owner

“I’m proud to say Steve has been a friend and business associate since we opened Naperville Running Company in May 2000. He was very supportive of our new business from the start and served as a great resource for us. Over the last several years, in addition to his duties as a city council member, Steve also served on the Downtown Naperville Alliance board. He is level headed, fair, and dialed in to all city related matters. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to serve on our board.”

– Kris Hartner, Naperville Running Company

“I have known Steve for over 40 years. He is an outstanding father, businessman, and deeply cares about Naperville’s future!”

– Craig Barenbrugge, Naperville Resident

“I am privileged to endorse Steve Chirico for the Mayor. I believe his successful business background, history of community engagement, service as councilman and passion for Naperville will help our city to attain new heights.”

– Krishna Bansal, Community Leader

“Steve is a problem solver, a great listener, compassionate and he’s a person of high integrity. Those are qualities I want in our next Mayor. I think Steve’s successful business background makes him extremely qualified to be the next Mayor of Naperville. I will be supporting Steve for Mayor this election and I think you should too!”

– Kevin T. Piket, Business Owner and Former Naperville Jaycee President

“Steve understands the vital role that strong schools play in our community. It is imperative that our next mayor support growth and development while always understanding that education of our youth is essential to the future of Naperville. I have worked with Steve for many years in various community roles and I know his leadership will guide our town in a positive direction. Steve has my support in his candidacy for mayor of Naperville.”

– Jackie Romberg, Community Leader

“Steve Chirico and I have a lot in common. We are both home grown, so it’s not about the title, the position or our egos, we care about the community and our residents. We both want to leave the City better than when we came, and that was a long time ago.”

– Mayor Ruben Pineda, City of West Chicago

“Steve Chirico is a dedicated and selfless public servant. Steve has the experience, energy and enthusiasm necessary to lead Naperville and steward the city’s physical, financial and human resources to ensure her citizens and businesses enjoy an even brighter future.”

– Mayor Kevin Burns, City of Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns

“Steve is exactly the kind of leader we need in Naperville. He’s a lifelong resident, a Naperville business owner and a strong community leader. He not only sees the big picture, he takes time to concentrate on the little things that really make the difference. I’m proud to support Steve as the next Mayor of Naperville.”

– Bruce Hanson, Naperville Business Owner and Community Volunteer

“Steve’s broad base of experience as a volunteer, business owner and our current Mayor make him a natural choice to lead Naperville into the future.”

– George and Julie Mann, Business Owners

"I have known Steve Chirico for over to a decade. During his 1st term as Mayor, Steve's love for family, passion for the Naperville community and business acumen have served us well. I look forward to the next 4 years under his leadership."

– Dr. Cathy Subber, Owner and Founding Sponsor of Naperville Moms Network

“We have known Steve Chirico personally and professionally for more than 35 years.Through his years on City Council, and now in his first term as Naperville’s Mayor, Steve has demonstrated his strong leadership skills. Steve is focused and committed to embracing fiscal responsibility and economic development and steering our community in the face of challenging times. The City of Naperville would be well served with Steve’s continued leadership. We hope you’ll join us in supporting Steve Chirico as second term Mayor for the City of Naperville.”

– Jim and Laurie Walsh, Business Owners

“As a lifetime resident and business owner in Naperville for almost 30 years, I am heavily invested in the success of our community.  Steve has shown great leadership in promoting responsible development and values our cultural assets that make Naperville a great place to live and work.”

– Dave Kelsch,  President, Advanced Data Technologies

“City of Naperville was under severe financial deficit when Steve took over as the Mayor a few years ago. Today, under his leadership the city was not only able to fix its budget issues, but became a role model for other cities in our state. His vision for economic growth, business development, financial discipline and better education for our kids is the reason why I moved to Naperville and started new businesses here. I strongly endorse Steve to be re-elected as the Mayor of our great city.”

– Vinoz Chanamolu, Mall of India

“I fully support Steve Chirico for Mayor of Naperville. Steve’s perspective as a small business owner allows him to take a practical approach to resolving the many issues that face our City. His experience as our Mayor has provided him with insight about the City’s operations and governance. His vision for Naperville reconciles both the innovation and progress that is required to keep our community as one of the best cities in the nation, while preserving the City’s storied history and character. Steve’s approachable, down-to-Earth personality reflects our community’s small-town feel – although we live in one of Illinois’ largest cities. Steve will keep the politics out of governance. He has my vote!”

– Keri-Lyn J. Krafthefer

"I believe Steve Chirico has made a fine mayor. He is principled and fights for what he believes in, but he also understands the art of compromise. Steve’s business experience has served Naperville well and he truly is the voice of reason to lead the Naperville City Council. Naperville residents will be well served with Steve Chirico as their Mayor for a second term."

– Robert Schillerstrom, Former DuPage County Board Chairman

“Steve is well qualified to be the Mayor of Naperville. He is a respected and successful business leader. He listens carefully to all sides of a matter before taking a position and has always been a man of integrity.”

– Mary Ann Bobosky

“I couldn’t agree more with my wife. Coming from Naperville, working here and living here, Steve has all of the assets Naperville requires of its Mayor and deserves to be re-elected to a second term.”

– Brand Bobosky

“My wife Deb and I have lived in Naperville for 34 years.  Steve Chirico is exactly what Naperville needed when he was elected last term.  He is also exactly what is needed again to continue his work moving our city forward and keeping it progressive.  Steve Chirico is business minded, community concerned, strategic, and does what is right by the majority, who has Naperville’s best interest.  Steve represents Naperville the way our city should; professional, forward thinking, flexible, and caring.  Steve Chirico is a class act who I am proud to call our Mayor.”

– Scott and Deb Robinson

“It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Mayor Steve Chirico for a 2nd term as Mayor of Naperville.  Steve grew up In Naperville and started a very successful business, had been a councilman for years, and in seeking his second term as mayor has done this by being pragmatic, sincere, and with exceptional managerial skills.  His ability to work with surrounding Mayors and the Governor’s office on specific projects/initiatives has allowed Naperville to be on the forefront of new ideas in city management. In my opinion there is no one more qualified to lead Naperville into the future than someone who grew up in Naperville- that person is Mayor Steve Chirico.Please join me in supporting Mayor Steve Chirico for a second term as Mayor of Naperville!”

– Paul O’Toole, Naperville Liquor Commission

“Steve has demonstrated great leadership as a city councilman and most recently as our Mayor. His passion to improve our quality of life while implementing strong fiscal responsibility has Naperville positioned well for the future. I endorse Steve Chirico for Mayor.”

– Joe Vozar, Naperville Liquor Commission

“As a resident of Naperville, I am thankful for the strong and effective leadership Mayor Chirico has provided our community and I highly endorse him for re-election.”

– Bill Kottmann

“As a proud, lifelong resident of Naperville I offer my highest possible endorsement of Steve Chirico for reelection to the position of Mayor of Naperville. When Steve ran for Mayor in 2015 he made some promises to this city.  He said he would work very hard to balance our budget, to create sustainable revenue and to be open and approachable to this community.  I have witnessed strong evidence, on a regular basis that he has truly delivered on those promises.  I am deeply grateful he is willing to continue serving this great community.”

– Bianca Morin

“I am a 6th generation Napervillian, my son is the 7th. My great-great-great grandfather Xavier came here in 1846 and set his roots in Naperville; like Steve Chirico and his family many years later. Steve like my grandfather knew he wanted to live here and raise his family. Steve is deeply rooted in Naperville and he possesses a hard work ethic and family values that Naperville was built on. Steve has applied these characteristics to performing his job as mayor and this has served our community well. I support Steve Chirico to be reelected as our next Mayor.”

– Ben Drendel

"I endorse Mayor Steve Chirico because I want to see him continue his work to make sure that our city stays forward-thinking, progressive, and future ready. His background as a past City Council member, current Mayor, and a local business owner makes him understand our cities growing needs and the importance of sustaining our tax base and quality of life. It is a privilege and honor to work with Steve and to support him to continue as our Mayor."

– Shafeek Abooubaker

“Steve Chirico is the right person to continue leading Naperville into the next decade as Mayor of Naperville.  He has worked diligently to keep our property tax rate the lowest in DuPage County throughout his tenure as both a councilman and mayor.  As a Naperville resident for almost six decades, and business owner for over three decades, Steve has earned the respect of this community and has been very fair and open in discussing our residents and business owners’ concerns on any given issue.  He has mastered the ability to balance competing interests between our residents and business community and articulate all sides of any given issue while working to reach a consensus that reflects the best interests for the most people involved. In my encounters with Steve, both as a former Councilman and a resident of Naperville, I have always found him to be respectful and willing to listen. He has always kept the long term goals and best interests of the City of Naperville in the forefront of his mind before making a decision.  Steve is a leader who is willing to take the heat in voicing his opinions even when it might not be the most popular thing to do.  Our community is fortunate to have someone with his foresight and ability leading this city.”

– David Wentz, Former Naperville City Councilman

"I've known Steve for over forty years, and know him to be, like me, a proud 'Son of Naperville." He will always put this town, its values and interests first. I'm happy to support his candidacy for Mayor."

– Pablo Araya, lifelong Naperville Resident and US Navy Veteran

“As a longtime resident of Naperville I believe Mayor Chirico has made a positive impact on Naperville. The future of Naperville is now secure due to his sustainable fiscal strategy and long-term vision. As a longtime business owner in Naperville, I am proud to endorse Steve Chirico to be re-elected as mayor. Elements at Water Street is a great example of his ongoing efforts to responsibly advocate for Naperville’s business community. Under great leadership, all residents and businesses have a promising future in the great City of Naperville.”

– David Miller - Elements at Water Street

“Mayor Steve Chirico was instrumental in getting Patel Brothers Foods to be a part of the Naperville community. It is always great to work with a Mayor that is pro-business and wants to get the job done!  An exemplary government official that others can learn from.”

– Rakesh Patel

“As a lifelong Naperville resident, Steve Chirico's passion and love for the city in which he was raised is unquestionable. His vision and deep desire to see Naperville remain a vibrant, safe community for its residents is always at the forefront of his thinking.  He has led the effort in putting Naperville on solid financial footing all while improving efficiencies in City services.  During my time on Council, Steve has shown he is committed and dedicated to the work the Council does as we serve the Naperville community at-large.”

– Honorable Benny White, Naperville City Councilman

“I heartily support the candidacy of Steve Chirico for the position of Mayor of Naperville. I have had the great pleasure of working with Steve for the past ten years. He has excellent communication skills, is an avid supporter of appropriate growth and development in Naperville, and perhaps most importantly, an excellent listener to all. Steve consistently promotes consensus. In terms of the healthcare arena, Steve has been an advocate for teenage drug and alcohol prevention as well as suicide prevention. Steve brings excellent business acumen to this position and I heartily endorse him.”

– Pam Davis

“After we decided to pursue our vision of The Naperville Marathon, the first person at the city we reached out to was Steve Chirico. Steve embraced our vision and believed in our committee’s ability to make our dream a reality. His early guidance and contributions were essential to the Naperville Marathon becoming what is now a premiere race.”

– Dave Sheble, Race Director Edward Hospital Naperville Half

“Steve Chirico has demonstrated through his leadership as mayor that he has fiscal discipline and a well balanced practical knowledge of how to get things done. As a 37-year Naperville business owner, Steve has applied his business skills to continually make a positive contribution to the City of Naperville. I believe Steve’s vision will guide Naperville into a brighter future.”

– Hon. Dan Cronin- Chairman of the DuPage County Board

“As longtime residents and business owners in Naperville we offer our support for Steve for Mayor.  We appreciate his perspective as an independent business owner; his extensive knowledge of all segments of the City and his service as our mayor where he has a reputation for using good judgement in rendering decisions and a commitment to principal-centered leadership.”

– Dave and Paula Hilderbrand

“I have known Steve Chirico for many years. As a longtime resident of Naperville, I know he will continue in tradition of governing with competence and Compassion. He has given his time, talents and treasures to many charitable causes. He has assisted the nonprofit I work for in renovating homes and commercial properties that serve the needs of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. He has earned my utmost respect … and my vote.”

– John S. Voit, President/CEO of United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago

“Steve works tirelessly on behalf of all residents and is a champion for the many non profits in our community. As Mayor, Steve has helped guide Naperville through many important issues, and is always willing to listen and gather input from all sides. Collaboration, cooperation and mutual respect are what I think of when I reflect on Steve’s first term as mayor. From the redevelopment of long vacant properties, like the old Menards, to the continual effort to attract new business, Steve is always seeking out new opportunities to benefit our city - there is still much work to be done and I believe Steve is the best person for the job.”

– Ray Kinney, Local Business Owner and Community Leader

“Naperville has excelled during Mayor Chirico’s first term. Our AAA bond rating, historically low tax rates, unparalleled community safety, and thriving business community, could not be possible without our having a strong mayor. Mayor Chirico never runs from tough decisions and brings great business savvy and energy to the Mayor’s Office. Mayor Chirico has my full support and I look forward to working with him over the next four years to build an even stronger future for Naperville.”

– Kevin Coyne, Naperville City Councilman

It is my pleasure to provide a letter of endorsement for your candidacy in running for Mayor of Naperville in the coming April 2019 elections. Since being asked to work at Little Friends, our paths have crossed on multiple occasions. It is clear to me your passion for the city as a whole, and work towards continuing to help make Naperville one of the best cities in America is what we need. As I look towards the future, I'm glad that you have decided to run again for the Mayor position and strongly support your endeavor!

– Mike S. Briggs, Little Friends President & CEO

“Steve Chirico has what it takes to continue bringing prosperity to the great city of Naperville for years to come.  As a lifelong resident and the 2017 Past President of the Naperville Jaycees, I fully support Steve as Mayor of Naperville. From his endearing support of local area not for profits, to his leadership in the guidance of Naperville’s ongoing development makes Steve the perfect candidate.“

– James G. Groat, 2017 Naperville Jaycees Past President

"I enthusiastically endorse Steve Chirico for a second term as Mayor. In his first term, he instituted strong financial disciplines that resulted in reducing long term debt, holding Naperville’s A+ bond rating and no increase in property taxes. Additionally, Mayor Chirico has taken bold steps in the area of economic development that will continue to keep Naperville a highly sought-after community. I have also been extremely impressed with how Mayor Chirico respected and included former Mayor Pradel in his administration. As a close friend of Mayor Pradel’s, George would often express how much he appreciated the leadership of Mayor Chirico. Let’s keep the momentum going by electing him for a second term."

– Tom Miers, Community Leader

“Naperville is a great place to live and raise a family due to the vision and hard work of our elected officials and involved residents through the years. It's easy to become complacent when things are going well but a good leader looks below the surface for challenges and opportunities that aren't yet apparent. Mayor Chirico's ability to identify great opportunities and challenges is a necessary first step in developing a strategy to maximize Naperville's future.”

– Honorable Mike Reilly

"Over the 20 years that I have known Steve Chirico, he has proven a great community leader.  His down-to-earth personality and openness to approach have served him well.  Steve is business minded and community concerned.  He has the unique ability to listen to competing interests of the community's concerns and business owners' issues and provide a workable solution for all.  Under his leadership as City Councilman and Mayor, Naperville is a better community."

– Dwight and Ruth Yackley, Developer of Main Street Promenade, Main Street Promenade East, Benton Terrace Condos and Washington Corners