Steve is well respected among his peers and community leaders. Read on to find out what some Napervillians have to say about Steve’s leadership, business sense and vision.

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Chirico best choice to lead Naperville post-Pradel

Chirico, 54, who grew up in Naperville, is a local businessman elected to the council four years ago....he has smarts running his own business and a consensus-building leadership style... Chirico will be a steadying force at the helm. 

Naperville is a well-run city and, given its size, should be in the forefront in dealing with issues affecting the county, region and state. Chirico's temperament is suited for this role and he earns our endorsement.

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Naperville Area Chamber Political Action Committee endorses Chirico

The board of directors of the Naperville Area Chamber Political Action Committee (NACPAC) has endorsed Steve Chirico for Mayor of Naperville ...

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Naperville Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Steve Chirico for Mayor

Respected and recognized for his commitment to public safety and visionary leadership, Steve Chirico has received the Naperville Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorsement for Mayor of Naperville. Chirico, a lifelong Naperville resident, local business owner and City Councilman was an easy choice given his passion for community service, public safety and innovative solutions.

Naperville Professional Firefighters, Local 4302, Naperville Candidate Endorsements

After a thorough and equal examination of each Mayoral candidate, the Naperville Professional Fire Fighter's is endorsing the candidacy of: Steve Chirico.

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chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseI heartily support the candidacy of Steve Chirico for the position of Mayor of Naperville. I have had the great pleasure of working with Steve for the past ten years. He has excellent communication skills, is an avid supporter of appropriate growth and development in Naperville, and perhaps most importantly, an excellent listener to all. Steve consistently promotes consensus. In terms of the healthcare arena, Steve has been an advocate for teenage drug and alcohol prevention as well as suicide prevention. He possesses the energy necessary to follow our existing Mayor George Pradel. Steve brings excellent business acumen to this position and I heartily endorse him.

– Pam Davis, Community Leader

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve is committed to finding real solutions. He looks to solve problems instead of talking about them. That’s what effective leaders do.

– Scott Wehrli, Community Leader, NDP Executive Committee, Business Owner

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseI’m a lifetime resident and business owner in Naperville and care deeply about our city. Steve’s experience as a business owner and his time representing residents as a councilman, make him the clear choice to lead our city as our next mayor.

– Dave Kelsch, Business owner, NDP board member and North Central College Trustee

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseI believe Steve Chirico will make a fine mayor. He is principled and fights for what he believes in, but he also understands the art of compromise. Steve’s business experience has served him well as a councilman and he truly is the voice of reason on the Naperville city council. Naperville residents will be well served with Steve Chirico as their Mayor.

– Robert Schillerstrom, Former DuPage County Board Chairman

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve is well qualified to become the Mayor of Naperville. He is a respected and successful business leader. He listens carefully to all sides of a matter before taking a position and has always been a man of integrity.

– Mary Ann Bobosky, Former school board member & community activist

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseI couldn’t agree more with my wife. Coming from Naperville, working here and living here, Steve has all of the assets Naperville requires of its Mayor. George will be hard to replace, but Steve is the candidate that can do it.

– Brand Bobosky

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve will make an outstanding Mayor! He is a very pragmatic leader and has an exceptional understanding of the needs of the residents and businesses that comprise the fabric of the Naperville community. I have found Steve to be very approachable and he has a remarkable ability to build consensus, a necessary mayoral quality as Naperville will be facing many difficult challenges in the near future such as pension funding, rising electrical costs, and addressing downtown and corridor growth. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse Steve as our next Mayor.

– Tom Miers, Community Leader

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve has the commitment and personality to lead our city as mayor. Our next mayor will have big shoes to fill and Steve has the right disposition for the job. I’m glad to support him.

– Kristen Fitzgerald, – District 203 School Board

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseI support Steve Chirico because of his long standing commitment to the community, as a resident, a business owner and a public servant. Steve brings a great perspective to the process of leading Naperville.

– Dan Casey, Owner of Casey’s Foods

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve Chirico possesses all the attributes Naperville needs in the future. He has the integrity, personality and passion of a George Pradel, and the vision, leadership, and management skills necessary to navigate difficult issues ahead. Steve is as authentic as he is approachable and inclusive in his efforts to represent the city and find the best solutions. He is a proven consensus builder that takes great pride in making things happen. His business experience has enabled his approach of combining fiscal responsibility with the understanding of how to drive results within the confines of a budget and business plan. As an experienced Councilman on the Naperville City Council, Steve understands how Naperville works. As Mayor, he will combine his vast experience, commitment and leadership skills to drive Naperville into a prosperous and successful future.

– Marc Blackman, Business owner, DuPage Children’s Museum Board Member

chirico_quoteSteve’s long standing chirico_quote_reversecommitment to the Naperville community, coupled with his business experience and leadership abilities, will make Steve an outstanding mayor. Steve has our wholehearted support.

 – Ron and Nancy Nyberg

chirico_quoteI recommend Steve Chirico for chirico_quote_reversethe next Mayor of Naperville. As a successful businessman and experienced city councilman, Steve has demonstrated dedication to public service and the drive necessary to lead our city in the future. As a forty-five year veteran of public service, including twenty-two years in Naperville, I have had the opportunity to observe and work closely with dozens of elected officials. Steve is simply one of the best! He is committed to maintaining the outstanding quality of life we enjoy and providing us with first rate municipal services.

– David E. Dial

chirico_quoteI fully support Steve Chirico chirico_quote_reversefor Mayor of Naperville. Steve’s perspective as a small business owner – and not a career politician – allows him to take a practical approach to resolving the many issues that face our City. His experience on our City Council has provided him with insight about the City’s operations and governance. His vision for Naperville reconciles both the innovation and progress that is required to keep our community as one of the best cities in the nation, while preserving the City’s storied history and character. Steve’s approachable, down-to-Earth personality reflects our community’s small town feel – although we live in one of Illinois’ largest cities. Steve will keep the politics out of governance. He has my vote!

– Keri-Lyn J. Krafthefer

chirico_quoteAs elected officials, we manage chirico_quote_reverseconflict in matters that are important to the public. It’s not easy, especially in a community like Naperville, where people are smart and not shy about sharing their opinions. Steve Chirico manages conflict very well. I think it’s largely because of his decades of experience running a business, seeking out solutions that benefit both the customer and the business. Some people are stubborn, my-way-or-the highway types. Others seek consensus, win-win outcomes. That’s Steve. This does not mean he’s being wimpy; it means he’s being smart. He’s well prepared and willing to change his mind when presented with new evidence. Steve and I don’t always agree on the issues, but we agree that Naperville is a great place and we want to keep it that way. Most importantly, I trust him. I support Steve Chirico for mayor and encourage you to do the same.

– Honorable Joe McElroy, Naperville City Councilman

chirico_quoteAs a lifelong & proud resident of chirico_quote_reverseNaperville my strong belief and feelings are to have Steve Chirico run for and to become our next ‘elected mayor.’ I’ve known and watched Steve grow from his competitive high school wrestling days at Naperville Central to today’s successful local businessman, (family owned, managed & employing local Napervillians). Steve was raised and educated in Naperville . I’ve seen his pride in our town… It’s past rich heritage, our present great way of life and know he will always push to keep our future “The Best That We Can Be” for all who live here and all who visit.

– Joe Modaff, Born and Raised on a Farm in Naperville

chirico_quoteMy wife and I first met and dealt with chirico_quote_reverseSteve Chirico twenty-eight years ago when we built our first home in Naperville and purchased our flooring needs from Steve. His dealings with us were professional and timely. We have since started our third home and are using Steve’s business for the third time. He is an honest and reasonable businessman that you can trust time and time again. I firmly believe that Steve Chirico will serve our lovely town of Naperville both professionally and properly.

– Tom Falcone, Business Leader

chirico_quoteWhen we heard Steve wanted chirico_quote_reverseto run for mayor we immediately wanted to be a part of his team. Steve is a man of integrity and loyalty. He cares about people and this community. One can hear and feel his enthusiasm about Naperville and the people who live here. Naperville will continue to be blessed with Steve Chirico as Mayor.

– Chuck and Laura Bokar, Naperville Business Owners

chirico_quoteI am pleased to wholeheartedly chirico_quote_reverseendorse Steve Chirico for Naperville Mayor. He provides excellent experience, leadership, and integrity.

– Honorable Warren L. Dixon III, Naperville Township Chairman

chirico_quoteI am an 8th generation Napervillian, chirico_quote_reversemy newly born son is the 9th. My great-great-great grandfather Xavier came here in 1846 and set his roots in Naperville; like Steve Chirico and his family many years later. Steve like my grandfather knew he wanted to live here and raise his family. Steve is deeply rooted in Naperville and he possesses a hard work ethic and family values that Naperville was built on. Steve Chirico will be a great mayor and asset to this community.

– Ben Drendel, 8th Generation Napervillian

chirico_quoteI offer my highest possible endorsement of Steve Chirico as chirico_quote_reversemayoral candidate for the City of Naperville. When I first met Steve, I was instantly impressed with his willingness to support a cause in which I was involved, and from which he was to derive no real benefit. Moreover, this encounter presented a chance for Steve to show his capacity to trust in people and to be warm and welcoming — and don’t we want a mayor who would be inclined to view residents of his city as equally trustworthy, warm and welcoming? The cause I refer to is an NFL hunger drive I spearheaded many years ago. I needed a week’s worth of publicity for the drive, which included having a massive truck in front of his store, and due to uncooperative and cold weather, the keys to his business so the volunteers could camp out. For someone who did not really know me, I think I was asking for a lot. How many businessmen would hand over the keys to his building AND provide his home address so they can be dropped off that evening? It is my heartfelt belief that Steve subscribes to the principle that doing the right thing always is the right thing — and under that umbrella, and with him at the helm, I am confident Naperville will thrive and continue to be viewed as one of the best places to live in this country. That’s why I wholeheartedly endorse him as the candidate to vote for as Mayor of the City of Naperville in the upcoming election.

– Alicia G. McCareins, Ph.D., J.D.

chirico_quoteSteve’s business acumen is unmatched. chirico_quote_reverseHe’s a great leader and an asset to our city.

– Mike Healy, President of the Naperville Jaycees

chirico_quoteWe have known Steve Chirico for more than chirico_quote_reverse30 years, both personally and professionally. He has been a business man in Naperville for nearly 35 years. As Councilman, Steve has shown his leadership and support for economic growth and development. Bringing financial stability and jobs creation to our community, resulting in a high quality of life valued by businesses and residents alike. We support Steve Chirico for Mayor of Naperville.

– Jim & Laurie Walsh – Business Owners

chirico_quoteSteve is a compassionate, thoughtful chirico_quote_reversecommunity leader who has been a friend and advocate of the many nonprofit organizations who work to build a better community for all.

– Charles McLimans, Former Executive Director of Loaves and Fishes

chirico_quoteSteve is a proven leader. chirico_quote_reverseNaperville will be in good hands with Steve Chirico as Mayor.

– Gail Niermeyer, Local Realtor and Community Volunteer

chirico_quoteI have known Steve since chirico_quote_reversehe was a child and even then he demonstrated strong leadership skills. I had the privilege of coaching him for all four years when he was in high school. He was respected and feared as a wrestler, not only his physical abilities, but his mental and emotional toughness and his ability to motivate his team. I’m very proud having been a mentor to Steve and watching him grow to become a faithful husband, loving father and successful businessman. I believe he will make a fine Mayor.

– Bill Young, NCHS Teacher & Wrestling Coach / May 20, 1935 – June 04, 2014

chirico_quoteI have known Steve Chiricochirico_quote_reverse in both the political arena and the world of business, both with very positive results. He has a grasp of reality not always present in a political entity and an acute understanding of business and its impact on a community rarely seen by all of our elected representatives. I have watched him take the steps needed to run a substantial business in a declining economy with a focused eye on the longer term strategic approach. These qualities have served him well on the Naperville City Council and will provide the next phase of leadership our strongest neighbor, Naperville, needs in the years to come.

– Honorable Rick Mervine, Alderman, City of Aurora

chirico_quoteSteve’s broad base of chirico_quote_reverseexperience as a volunteer, business owner and city councilman make him a natural choice to lead Naperville into the future.

– George & Julie Mann, Business Owners

chirico_quoteFrom the day Steve took office, he chirico_quote_reversehas been a constructive and unifying force on the Council. Steve’s viewpoint is always driven by what’s best for Naperville residents and businesses. When other, including me, propose an approach that differs from Steve’s, he stays focused on the merits of the discussion and does not quarrel on a personal level or hold grudges. On occasions when a cool head and a steady hand were needed, Steve has provided both. Naperville is a community of achievers, Steve has the qualities of intelligence, diligence, diplomacy and leadership that our residents and businesses expect. It will be tough for anyone to succeed Mayor Pradel, but Steve has what it takes to build on our past successes and carry Naperville forward.

– Honorable Bob Fieseler, Naperville City Councilman

chirico_quoteWhen Mayor Pradel retires, chirico_quote_reversethere will be big shoes to fill. I’ve watched Steve Chirico for years and he has the leadership skills and experience to continue to make Naperville a great place to live and work.

– Jeff Davis, Library Board Member

chirico_quoteSince Steve joined the City Council, chirico_quote_reversehe has been someone who generates fresh ideas, welcomes a variety of points of view, and builds consensus. He’ll be a Mayor who listens and responds to residents.

 – Honorable Judy Brodhead, Naperville City Councilwoman

chirico_quoteOver the 20+ years that chirico_quote_reverseI have known Steve, both as a friend and as a customer, I have found him to be level headed, a good listener, and a pleasure to work with.

– Bruce Erickson, Community Leader

chirico_quoteSteve has done an chirico_quote_reverseexcellent job on the Council. His business experience has been a tremendous asset in achieving governmental efficiencies and cost savings to the citizens of Naperville. That experience will lend itself well to the office of Mayor.

– John Zediker, Metra Board

chirico_quoteI’m delighted to lend my support to chirico_quote_reverseSteve Chirico in his quest to become mayor of Naperville. Steve, and his wife Julie, are committed to keeping Naperville one of the exemplary mid-size cities in the United States. He has a clear vision of the greatness we can achieve and a common sense approach to governance that will get us there. I urge you to allow Steve to continue his great work.

– Dennis Burke, Community Leader

chirico_quoteWe are thrilled to have the chirico_quote_reverseopportunity to show our support of Steve Chirico as Naperville’s next Mayor. Having known Steve for years and having been active in the community ourselves, we have seen Steve in action firsthand. Steve is approachable, has impeccable character, has a passion for Naperville, and acts swiftly and appropriately in the best interest of the community after thoughtful consideration of all relevant points of view.

 – Sean & Stephanie Hastings

chirico_quoteI am pleased to endorse Steve Chirico chirico_quote_reversefor mayor! His outstanding track record on city council, along with his business experience, innovative ideas and leadership make Steve a great candidate for Naperville.”

– Honorable Rachel Ossyra, Naperville Township Supervisor

chirico_quoteAs a former board member chirico_quote_reverseof NCO (now 360 ) I observed Steve’s friendly manner, and his leadership qualities. I believe that he will be a good Mayor, working to positively represent the people of Naperville. I think that Steve has the personality and the temperament to follow in the tradition of Mayor George Pradel, becoming Naperville’s next greatest cheer leader.

– Mary Anne & Jim Ostrenga

chirico_quoteSteve is friendly, engaging and diplomatic. chirico_quote_reverseHe is very willing to work with others, he is not afraid to reach out to leaders in other communities and he is easily accessible. Steve is a very giving, honest, trustworthy and dependable person. Let’s put the right person in the seat as the Mayor of Naperville. Elect Steve Chirico.

– William & Theresa Snow

chirico_quoteI have worked with Steve for chirico_quote_reverseover 10 years. He is a strategic thinker and he has the ability to work through very complex matters and quickly drills down on solutions. This is a skill I do not see often, but is one that would serve him well as Mayor. He is a very kind, gracious and humble leader in our community.

– Thomas Hayes, Business Owner

chirico_quoteI’m proud to say Steve has chirico_quote_reversebeen a friend and business associate since we opened Naperville Running Company in May 2000. He was very supportive of our new business from the start and served as a great resource for us. Over the last several years, in addition to his duties as a city council member, Steve also served on the Downtown Naperville Alliance board. He is level headed, fair, and dialed in to all city related matters. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to serve on our board.

– Kris Hartner, Naperville Running Company

chirico_quoteI have known Stevechirico_quote_reverse for over 40 years. He is an outstanding father, businessman, and deeply cares about Naperville’s future!

– Craig Barenbrugge, Naperville Resident

chirico_quoteAfter we decided to pursue ourchirico_quote_reverse vision of The Naperville Marathon, the first person at the city we reached out to was Steve Chirico. Steve embraced our vision and believed in our committee’s ability to make our dream a reality. His early guidance and contributions were essential to the Naperville Marathon becoming what is now a premiere race.

– Dave Sheble, Race Director 2014 Edward Hospital Naperville Marathon & Half Marathon

chirico_quoteI am privileged to endorse chirico_quote_reverseSteve Chirico for the Mayor. I believe his successful business background, history of community engagement, service as councilman and passion for Naperville will help our city to attain new heights.

– Krishna Bansal

chirico_quoteI strongly endorse Councilman Steve Chirico chirico_quote_reverseas the next Mayor of Naperville. As a life-long resident of Naperville, a family man and a successful small business owner, Steve has the right temperament, experience and leadership skills to help lead the City of Naperville to the next level. Steve is a very good listener and consensus builder. He has the ability to work with all of Naperville’s stakeholders to come up with meaningful solutions to problems facing our residents and businesses. He is a fiscal watchdog and understands how to keep Naperville’s budget balanced. It has been a privilege and honor to work with him as a fellow Councilman.

– Honorable David Wentz, Naperville City Councilman

chirico_quoteSteve is a problem solver, a great listener, chirico_quote_reversecompassionate and he’s a person of high integrity. Those are qualities I want in our next Mayor. I think Steve’s successful business background makes him extremely qualified to be the next Mayor of Naperville. I will be supporting Steve for Mayor this election and I think you should too!

– Kevin T. Piket, Business Owner & Former Naperville Jaycee President

chirico_quoteSteve Chirico has demonstrated chirico_quote_reversethrough his work on the Naperville City Council that he has strong leadership skills, fiscal discipline and a well balanced practical knowledge of how to get things done. As a 30-year Naperville business owner, a sitting city councilman and a community volunteer, Steve continually makes a positive contribution to the City of Naperville. I believe Steve will make a fine Mayor and I fully endorse him.

– Chairman Dan Cronin, DuPage County Board

chirico_quoteNaperville’s next mayor will need to continue to positively support the students in our chirico_quote_reversecommunity as Mayor Pradel has done for so many years. I am confident that Steve will do just that. He (Naperville district 203) and his children (Naperville district 204) are products of the excellent schools we have in this area, so he knows the value that a strong educational system can bring to the community. I have no doubt that he will continue to support the efforts of both school districts serving Naperville.

– Honorable Lori Price, Community Leader

chirico_quoteI have known Steve Chirico for 5 years and have been impressed with this business acumen,chirico_quote_reverse love for his family and passion for the Naperville Community. I believe he would make a great Mayor of this city we all call home and I fully endorse his candidacy.

– Dr. Cathy Subber, Owner and Founding Sponsor of Naperville Moms Network

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve understands the vital role that strong schools play in our community. It is imperative that our next mayor support growth and development while always understanding that education of our youth is essential to the future of Naperville. I have worked with Steve for many years in various community roles and I know his leadership will guide our town in a positive direction. Steve has my support in his candidacy for mayor of Naperville.

– Jackie Romberg, Community Leader

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve Chirico has the necessary qualifications to be an impactful Mayor. He is fully engaged with the city and its residents, he has a broad base of knowledge and experiences, and he demonstrates fiscal discipline. Steve is forthright, principled, and open minded. I am confident he will successfully lead Naperville into the future. I proudly endorse Steve Chirico for Mayor.

– Honorable Tonia Khouri, DuPage County Board Member

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve Chirico and I have a lot in common. We are both home grown, so it’s not about the title, the position or our egos, we care about the community and our residents. We both want to leave the City better than when we came, and that was a long time ago.

– Mayor Ruben Pineda, City of West Chicago

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseI am pleased to endorse Steve Chirico for Mayor of Naperville. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to get to know Steve as we worked together on various DuPage Mayor and Managers committees, where he represents Naperville. Steve has demonstrated that he has the leadership skills and comprehensive knowledge of local government. Steve has shown great concern for the residents of the community and his willingness to listen to their issues. In addition, as a local business owner, he has a good understanding of the importance of the success of businesses to the community. Steve will be great for Naperville.

– Mayor Joe Broda, Village of Lisle

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve Chirico is a dedicated and selfless public servant. Steve has the experience, energy and enthusiasm necessary to lead Naperville and steward the city’s physical, financial and human resources to ensure her citizens and businesses enjoy an even brighter future.

– Mayor Kevin Burns, City of Geneva

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseThe Naperville 2015 election will trigger a major change in local government because at least half of the city council members will be new and Mayor George Pradel is retiring after twenty years in office. Naperville needs an experienced leader to successfully guide the transition. I believe Steve Chirico would be a great choice for mayor.

– Honorable Mike Reilly

chirico_quotechirico_quote_reverseSteve is exactly the kind of leader we need in Naperville. He’s a lifelong resident, a Naperville business owner and a strong community leader. He not only sees the big picture, he takes time to concentrate on the little things that really make the difference. I’m proud to support Steve as the next Mayor of Naperville.

– Bruce Hanson, Naperville Business Owner and Community Volunteer

chirico_quoteI strongly endorse Steve Chirico as our next Mayor of Naperville. I met Steve within the last couple years. chirico_quote_reverseNew to the area just 4 years ago, but having owned a business for 21 years, I immediately saw Steve’s valuable business acumen and leadership style. A willingness to vet the inputs needed to get things done in a collaborative fashion. Steve listens and helps to build consensus while assisting to move things forward. He values engaging the areas stakeholders to work together toward solutions to challenges our community and its residents and businesses face. He is a fiscally responsible and knows how to balance a budget. It is a privilege and honor to work with him and to support him as Naperville’s next visionary leader – and our mayor.

– Patty Lindstrom, Business Owner and Founder of Living the Brand Institute®

chirico_quoteAs longtime residents and business owners in Naperville we offer our support for Steve for Mayor.  chirico_quote_reverseWe appreciate his perspective as an independent business owner; his extensive knowledge of all segments of the City and his service as a Councilman where he has a reputation for using good judgement in rendering decisions and a commitment to principal-centered leadership.

– Dave & Paula Hilderbrand

chirico_quoteI have known Steve Chirico for many years. As a longtime resident of Naperville,chirico_quote_reverse I know he will continue in Mayor Pradel’s tradition of governing with competence and Compassion. He has given his time, talents and treasures to many charitable causes. He has assisted the nonprofit I work for in renovating homes and commercial properties that serve the needs of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. He has earned my utmost respect … and my vote.

– John S. Voit, President/CEO of United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago

Vote Steve Chirico on April 7th, 2015 

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