Naperville is at a defining moment in time. We need to protect our rich history yet have the vision to shape the next generation of prosperity. I am running for Mayor because I want to help Naperville continue to thrive. Through strategic initiatives focused on strong business policies and a continued emphasis on neighborhood safety and quality schools we can together shape the future of Naperville.

chirico_checkmark3Pro Economic Development

As a business leader Steve understands the importance of a well-balanced community. A community with a strong business climate and a plan for economic development can provide residents with essential amenities like quality schools and safe neighborhoods while maintaining the best property value as taxes are kept in check.

chirico_checkmark3Fiscal Conservative

Like many residents, Steve is concerned about Naperville’s debt which has ballooned over the past 10 years. As Mayor, Steve will lead the development of a plan to reduce the debt and invest in our city using savings.

While serving on City Council Steve and Councilman Fieseler led the charge to apply the 2013 budget surplus to our public safety pension debt; as a result Naperville will have their public safety pension fully funded by 2027. This means Naperville may be the first major city in Illinois to fully fund our public safety pension which would free up $15 million in expenses annually.

chirico_checkmark3Supports local agencies working toward drug/alcohol awareness and suicide prevention

Steve was proud to support the Naperville City Council’s decision to double the social services fund to $500,000 in 2013 and to earmark $50,000 for drug and alcohol awareness and suicide prevention.

In addition of his support to double the social services budget, Steve spearheaded the Prescription Drug Drop Box initiative, an innovative program designed to help stop drug addiction before it starts.

chirico_checkmark3Pro Environmental Sustainability

Naperville has a reputation of being environmentally conscious and has led other communities in the effort to minimize carbon footprints. Steve supports the city’s effort to replace all streetlights with LED lights and convert our automotive fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG).

As Naperville Mayor, Steve will continue to support these established sustainability initiatives that allow Naperville to thrive responsibly.



Council Initiatives

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