Council Initiatives:   Fiscal Responsibility

Steve, City Councilman since 2011, has worked to support initiatives designed to thoughtfully drive Naperville into the next generation. His record shows a focus on fiscal responsibility, economic development and continued safety for our evolving community.

chirico_checkmark3Pension Funding – Co-sponsored recommendation to use the $6 million 2013 budget surplus and apply it to public safety pensions; ultimately setting Naperville on the course of being 100% funded by 2027.

chirico_checkmark3Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fleet Conversion – Challenged city staff to analyze the benefits of converting our public works fleet over to compressed natural gas. The CNG conversion is now part of the city’s capital improvements program.

chirico_checkmark3Health Savings Account (HSA) Insurance Option – Recommended that the city’s Human Resources department consider HSA health plans to help reduce insurance costs. The HSA plan was ultimately negotiated into our firefighters contract and allowed the city to increase the co-pay to 20 percent.

chirico_checkmark3Audits – Requested that the city audit all associations in which the city of Naperville is a member and remove duplicate or unnecessary memberships. This was completed and has saved the city money.

chirico_checkmark3Amusement Tax – Brought antiquated tax on pinball machines and pool tables to attention of Council; ultimately gained Council support to remove these fees and showcase how the elimination of unnecessary regulations can improve the business environment.

chirico_checkmark3Red Light Cameras – Gained Council approval to discontinue use of red light cameras after it was found that the program cost taxpayers money and was of no benefit.

chirico_checkmark3Expanded Financial Advisory Board (FAB) – Worked with Councilman Fieseler and met with staff to redefine the role of FAB to include more oversight.









Council Initiatives

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