Council Initiatives: Economic Development

Steve, City Councilman since 2011, has worked to support initiatives designed to thoughtfully drive Naperville into the next generation. His record shows a focus on fiscal responsibility, economic development and continued safety for our evolving community.

chirico_checkmark3Naperville Marathon – Advocated for the Naperville Marathon race team; helped gain Council approval to host a marathon in Naperville – now considered a premier event in the Western Suburbs and was the fastest growing marathon in the country last year.

chirico_checkmark3Legislative Team – Was on the team that made a new legislative strategy that focused more on Naperville issues as opposed to statewide issues. This strategy has led to state funding of several capital improvements; such as, the new Hazardous Materials facility.

chirico_checkmark32012 International Building Codes – Spearheaded effort to review and modify the 2012 international codes and eliminate the burdensome codes. The revised 2012 building code is now being used as a template in other communities.

chirico_checkmark3Small Business Ombudsman – Streamlined the city permitting process by working with department of Transportation Engineering and Development (TED) to develop a single point of contact to guide business customers through the process.

chirico_checkmark3430 S. Washington (previous property next to Burger King at Washington and N. Aurora) – Continually applied pressure to all stakeholders to get control of the property and teardown the eyesore leading into downtown Naperville.

chirico_checkmark3Buy Local – Held a workshop with the Naperville Development Partnership (NDP) and major governmental bodies to discuss the benefits of buying local and to encourage a “buy local policy” within their organizations.

chirico_checkmark3Removed Electric Infrastructure Availability Charge (IAC) (Impact Fees) – In an effort to slow down growth years ago Naperville introduced impact fees to residents and businesses. Following the economic downturn, Steve worked with the Chamber of Commerce and the NDP to eliminate these fees – ultimately making Naperville once again competitive with surrounding communities.









Council Initiatives

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