Council Initiatives:   Community Safety

Steve, City Councilman since 2011, has worked to support initiatives designed to thoughtfully drive Naperville into the next generation. His record shows a focus on fiscal responsibility, economic development and continued safety for our evolving community.

chirico_checkmark3Senior Task Force (STF) – Worked with Councilman Wentz, Bev Frier Patterson and Karen Courney to establish the new Naperville Senior Task Force. The STF was established to research the needs of our seniors and identify resources that allow them to live independently in their homes.

chirico_checkmark3Crime Free Housing – Introduced the Council initiative to research a mandatory crime free housing program.

chirico_checkmark3Prescription Drug Drop Box – Statistics show that prescription drugs can be a gateway to drug abuse and unused medications kept in the home can cause accidental drug overdoses in children. To ensure residents had a safe place to dispose of unused prescription medications, Steve initiated a meeting with the Naperville Fire Chief to promote the concept and advocate for the program – the first of its kind in the country. Six months after the program’s inception, Naperville’s Prescription Drug Drop Box Program successfully kept more than 1,000 pounds of unused prescription drugs out of landfills, area waterways and the hands of those who may abuse them.

chirico_checkmark3Renter’s Bill of Rights – Worked with TED to develop a Renter’s Rights brochure and added information to the city Web page to inform local renters of their rights and to protect them against negligent landlords.

chirico_checkmark3Consumer Protection Issues – Advocated for Cash for Gold ordinance; a new set of guidelines that require local pawn shops to enter jewelry into a database accessible by police in the event that an item is reported as stolen. In addition, Steve supports the use of ride-share platforms like Uber in Naperville, but believes they need to be held to safety standards – a regulation best handled at the state level as it’s unrealistic for laws to change every time a rider passes a city line.





Council Initiatives

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